A story about a war between a misanthropic ageing man battling with his self conscious as his indiscernible fear of dying alone refuses to stay dormant, becoming more of a reality as each day passes. His introverted characteristics suddenly become challenged one day when a persistent duck begins following him. Our protagonist, Phil, is infamous in the perfect neighbourhood of Maplefields for his anti-social behaviour and the undesirable state of his property. The duck's naive benevolence begins an internal conflict, slowly changing his negative perspective as he starts seeing the world through a different set of eyes.



ANA GARCÍA RICO, writer, producer and director.

Ana is a Spanish writer and director that just graduated from University of the Arts London. She is originally from Madrid and decided to come to London to study her dream career. Ana has worked in almost every role there is to work in on a film to gain a thorough understanding of filmmaking, all the way from pre production to completion. As well as gaining across the board experience, Ana has interned for 76 Ltd, Stink and Blink in a variety of formats in London and many other well known film productions in Spain. She attended New York film Academy which gave her the motivation to become a film director. She also enjoys working on production design a lot same as producing, make up and graphic design. You can check her portfolio at

SAM TRAVIS, cinematographer and producer.

Sam just graduated from University of the Arts London and he is originally from Suffolk, Ipswich, the main location of Eat your principles film. Sam's main objective was to go back to his town and be able to capture the desolate beauty of its landscapes. Through extensive experience working on professional project with East London Film Studio, Sam has attained invaluable skills and knowledge in many different roles and positions on a film set, including experience working on professional commercials, feature length films and a viral music video. Along side this also working on smaller, more personal projects, such as an multi-award winning short film. You can check his portfolio at

ALEX DURHAM, producer.

Alex just graduated from University of the Arts London and he is originally from Reading. He has spent the last five years finding his feet as a filmmaker by writing, directing, producing and working as a first assistant director on films with friends, colleagues and clients. Through his experience, being on set is where he feels most at home and welcomes any challenge or problems to solve. Alex's motivation and production skills gave Eat Your Principles film an amazing push since the very beginning he started working. He enjoys working in a professional environment and loves to get involved on many different styles of productions. 


ANA FESSER, first assistant director.

Ana is studying a filmmaking course in University of the Creative Arts Farnham. She is a Spanish passionate girl who has always been interested in the film industry. She has worked on a series of short films during the last four years experiencing many different roles and learning a great amount of skills that makes her a very talented assistant director. Ana has also worked on professional sets from well known productions in Spain shooting commercials, music videos and feature films.

PABLO PÉREZ, second assistant director.

Pablo is a young Spanish passionate filmmaker based in Madrid. He is a student from European University in Madrid, Spain. Pablo enjoys every singe role in front and behind the camera, he is a talented actor which gives him a lot of confidence to work on all the other departments such as assisting directing. He has always loved filmmaking since he was very little, studying in many different film academies like the well known 'Orson the Kid' in Spain. His acting has taking him far as he has appeared in a variety of Spanish series and TV programmes. His media film and communications degree motivates him everyday to take risks such as travelling to help out in all type of film projects. 


CHRISTOPHER SPURDENS, assistant camera.

Christopher is originally from London and recently graduated from University of the Arts London. His first hand experience with a camera was at age 7, using his parents Hitachi VHS camcorder, which he instantly fell in love with. Since then he has created near to a hundred pieces of work, ranging from test shoots, short films, promotional videos and documentaries, which he gained a reputation for on his YouTube and Vimeo channels. 

JAMES CRISP, assistant camera.

James just graduated from University of the Arts London with a keen passion to create visually engaging filmmaking. James is motivated to build his knowledge and experience throughout the entire camera department to build a well rounded background in cinematography. Having graduated from BA (Hons) Film Practice he has worked on a total on nine short films in his final year with roles including 1st AC, gaffer, and grip. Equipped with intern experience at rental houses and positive work ethic, James aspires to become a director of photography for fiction feature films. You can check his portfolio at   


Irina is originally from Bucarest, Rumania and just graduated from University of the Arts London. For the past three years Irina has been specialising in cinematography and has been working in the camera and lighting department for all of her university projects at London College of Communications. Now she is working for professional commercials, music videos and feature films. Every project that she takes on as a Director of Photography, gaffer and camera assistant has proven to be a challenge and has helped her grow in knowledge and set awareness.   


Eva is originally from Switzerland and she just graduated from University of the Arts London. She just finished her degree in Live Events and TV. Eva has worked in various departments from lighting to assistant directing and art department. She moved to London three years ago to pursue her passion in film and she is currently working freelance on various short films and documentaries in the camera department.  

ED DYER, sound recordist.

Ed is originally from Oxford, England. He just graduated from University of the Arts London, London College of Communications. During a his time at university he has been working as a sound recordist in a series of very successful shorts films. Ed has been honing in on his passion for sound through sound design and music production.

ROSSANA MASUELLO, boom operator.

Rossana, originally from San Remo, Italy, just graduated from University of the Arts London. She is a passionate filmmaker and sound designer. She started working on film sets as a runner in Italy at the age of fourteen. From Denmark to London, Rossana has directed multiple of successful short films and worked on adverts such as Arsenal Football Club & Food Channel content.

ISABELLA LOZANO, production designer.

Originally from Brazil, Isabella completed a Film Practice degree at the University of the Arts London. She specialised in production design and she designed and brought to live several short films, creative incredible sets for any type of story. Isabella has also gained experience on projects from the very well known Pinewood Studios, NFTS and others.

FRANKIE MARKOT, production designer.

Frankie is originally from Ipswich suffolk, the location of Eat Your Principles film and just graduated from WCA, University of the Arts London with a background in fine art. She has worked on many self directed projects as well as a variety of short films and features, including Jekyll and Hyde (ITV) and Denial (Bleecker St). 

SOFIA DOWNIE, production designer assistant. 

Sofia is originally from Spain, and she just graduated from Middlesex University London with a Media PR and Advertising degree. At the moment Sofia is hoping to work in London for a year before going back to Spain to study an MA on graphic design. Sofia has gain experience from multiple internships such as creative advertising agencies in Spain. Since then she loves to get involved on any project related with production and graphic design, advertising, film and public relations. She hopes that all her experience will give her enough background to become a creative director someday.  

CHARLOTTE BEAIRD, costume designer.

Since graduating in 2016 from BA (Hons) Film Practice, Charlotte has freelanced as a stylist on fashion shoots and worked on four short films as the costume designer and two short films in the art department, including a graduation animation film for National Film and Television School. Her previous work in production design and costume gives her a fluidity between how the art department has to work as a whole to complete the designer overall vision.

HANNAH ORTNER, make-up artist.

Hannah is a Swedish hair and make-up artist based in London. She has studied at the renowned Delamar Academy in Ealing and have since then been working on various projects like music videos, theatre productions, short films, commercials and feature films providing her with amazing skills to become a very talented and professional make-up artist.

ANNA MATE, editor assistant.

Anna is currently a student at London College of Communications studying Film Practice. Having gained experience on sets for short films, corporates and commercials, Anna is also spending her degree focussing on Post-Production. Her first short film edit was screened at The London Short Film Festival at Hackney Picturehouse.